How Fake Uniform Men Tried To Rob University Of Abuja Students In Gwagz

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On may 13th 2016 at the stroke of midnight, at the hour when people were on their beds or returning from parties (as the case maybe).

An anonymous Uniabuja student was returning from the grind party, when he jumped by two men, a Uniabuja student reported to UNIABUJA FACTS. The two men claimed they a soldier and a police officer at that odd hour claiming that a girl was just robbed and stabbed, then decided to take the law into their own hands, by harassing the anonymous student by questioning him, forcefully taking his phone, as they were busy trying to set a bargain for the student’s phone, two other students also returning from the same party, got stopped by the same so called soldier and police officer, and as well obtain their phones & attacked their bike man, slapping him and flogging him with their belt.

Unfortunately the students realizing their manner of approach was off and insincere, they began questioning their methods and asked the two men of the law for their identification, which they were unable to provide. The students realizing the foul play raised alarm drawing the attention of three sleeping students from a compound nearby. After much unplanned drama, the 6 students & the bikeman successfully turned the case around collected their phones back and got them to confess that they were not what they really claimed to be, but rather they were a “Nigerian prison warden” & “a civil defense officer” who by the stench of alcohol from their breathe, you could tell they were just junkies looking for a quick score.



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