BREAKING: University Of Abuja S.U.G President Suspended Over Alleged Misappropriation Of N5.9m

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Fresh reports from the University of Abuja campus has revealed that the Student Union President has been suspended.

The suspension was given by both the executive and the legislative arm of the Government.


It was reported that the executive members of the Union Stated that the Union President in the name of ‘Chris Ifeanyi’ allegedly misappropriated the sum of 4.8 Million Naira which was supposed to be used for a project along the Main campus.

A vote of no confidence was passed by the executive members of the Union and later on was called to appear before the Parliament also with a detailed report and statement of the Union account but refused to show up.

An anonymous reporter in the campus also claimed that Chris Ifeanyi gave a sum of three hundred thousand Naira to the former president of the Union, Pelumi Olajemgbesi in order to cover his tracks.

However, Chris Ifeanyi claimed he was not given a fair hearing which He made a strong claim to pursue the matter in court, that process was kicked off last week but there would be Injurious consequences if He is actually found guilty of the alleged Loot.



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