Away From Home: Nigerian Billionaire, Indimi, Builds Mega Faculty For U.S Varsity

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Mohammed Indimi

At a time the country’s education is tottering and more than 10 million children in the north are out of school, Northern Nigerian billionaire, Mohammed Indimi, has donated a multi-million dollar International Business Center to Lynn University in the United States.

Indimi, who made his money majorly from oil and gas, is reputed to be amongst the top billionaires in Nigeria. However, not much is known about his philanthropic gesture in the poverty and diseased ravaged North.
According to a bio on the center on the website of the university, the Mohammed Indimi International Business Center is designed to provide the students with the best creating opportunity “for ingenuity, with incredible options for hands-on, technology-based learning.”

The university further stated that “teaching more than 1,000 students from more than 70 nations, the College of Business and Management is the largest—and most international—college at Lynn University. So large, and so international, that it warranted having its own brand new building.

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“In October of 2014, Lynn dedicated its newest building, the Mohammed Indimi International Business Center, designed specifically to accommodate our growing College of Business and Management. The center is outfitted with technology systems to enhance the students’ educational environment, with 11 classrooms and a wealth of other areas.

The other features of the center include; “A Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI), developing skills in the creation and development of new companies

The Venture Lab, a branch of the CEI, which will transform students’ start-up concepts into ready-to-launch businesses

“An Investment and Trading Room, providing access to the same resources and technology that students will use in their business careers

Beyond the Classroom, a space for students to enjoy hands-on learning and work on campus with outside companies

“A new Career Preparation and Internship Center,” and “in addition, more than 15 other new spaces provide conference and meeting areas for collaboration between students, faculty and outside corporations.”
Indimi’s two daughters, Amouna and Hauwa recently graduated from the university.

Efforts to get a reaction from the owner of Oriental Energy Resources Ltd, with vast holdings in Nigeria’s murky but lucrative oil fields did not yield any result.




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